Nothing can stop the LORD!

Nothing can stop the Lord!

Right now things look different than they ever have before. We aren’t meeting live in churches across America and the world. But that can’t stop the LORD! The Lord moves just as much in our living rooms at home as He ever has in the building we have called our church. There is no force on this planet that can stop the Lord. The grave couldn’t hold Him, and these stay at home orders that we are under in most of our states will not stop Him either. The only thing that can stop the Lord from moving in our lives is us.

The next two weeks are some of the most special time in the lives of believers, as we head into Palm Sunday this Sunday and then the Passion week ending with the most glorious event of all history we need to be focused on what the Lord has done in our lives. We are forgiven because of Jesus! There was nothing then that could stop Him from completing what His purpose was and there is absolutely nothing that will stop Him now.

Just because we gather a little differently right now, just because our worship music is a little different now and we may have technical difficulties, that does not stop the Lord from moving and working in our lives if WE will let Him.

Jesus told us in:

Matt 16:18 “18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, andthe gates of Hades shall notprevail against it.”

If the grave cannot stop Him and if the gates of hell itself cannot stop Him then NOTHING can stop the Lord!

As we prepare for Palm Sunday we need to prepare our hearts to receive the King of kings that came in peace so that we can ride with the King of kings when He comes with His army!

Resurrection Sunday is not cancelled it just looks a little different this year! The enemy couldn’t defeat Him, the grave could not hold Him. Nothing will stop the LORD!

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