The Spotless Lamb.

Jesus the spotless lamb.

Many around the world are celebrating Passover tonight. The remembrance of the deliverance of the children of Israel from the destroyer in Egypt. God by His sovereign hand saved all of those who had painted the door posts and lintels with the blood of the sacrificed lamb.

We too have been delivered from the hand of the destroyer, through the blood of Jesus Christ! When the children of Israel walked through the doors of their homes after they put the blood on it, they passed through the blood. We too have passed through the blood of Jesus into life and deliverance. Jesus is the Spotless Lamb of God; it is in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that the destroyer is kept from our lives. All of those who pass through the blood of Jesus are saved, just like the children of Israel, all who had the blood had life. For those of us who have the blood of Jesus covering us we have life in Him!

The blood of the lamb on the door was a sign to the Father as to who His children were and the Blood of Jesus on our lives is the same sign to the Father that we are His children because, without the blood there is no adoption there is no salvation and like the Egyptians learned that night without the blood there is no life! Our life is in His blood!

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